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Picture1It’s the decade where we are flooded with opportunities, you just need to search it. People either know about the current mainstream professions only or government ones. But there are a plenty of other job options as well. Relax, we won’t discuss them. They’re boring and we know it.’s Special Research team presents you 10 upcoming professions in India.

These are new.

These are exciting.

And they can make you successful.

They are –


  1. Psychologists – No No No, it’s not same as psychiatry, psychiatry deals with medicine and brain whereas psychologists treat you without medicines, they can treat disorders, body brain co-ordination problems, like stammering and many more. Even, Hrithik Roshan used to stammer once, who helped him? You know the answer, don’t you? Psychologists can help you deal with stress, anxiety, improving personality, counseling, career counseling and a lot more, really, a lot more.

There are a few divisions in Psychology which provides even more opportunities. It’s a noble profession and I would like to mention the remuneration part as well, which pays handsomely even if you are a not the best of psychologists but still know your job.

  1. Researchers – Yes, I know that you know about this one, but you don’t know what I am about to tell you. India is the 7th top nation in Research and Development (R&D). It sounds good, but it’s not. We have the 2nd largest population in the WORLD.

Population of Sweden is equal to number of engineering graduates in India per year. France, South Korea, Japan, Germany are nations not even half of our size and population but are better than us. Why? Because they work hard right after graduation, a time that our young generation spends being confused. We can do research in any field, energy, engineering, biology, space, psychology, sports, history, economy, etc, etc, etcetera. So if you think you have a brain and want to use it, go for it. Make your maa feel proud of you or if you are the maa, tell your kid about this, mommy.

  1. Computer Program Analyst- This is not the traditional IT job of developing some software, it is about analyzing it. You can’t serve a meal in a restaurant unless you know it’s worth eating and spending money on.

Analysts usually check the new softwares, specifications, programming, etc. It’s usually the last phase of any software. All you need is a bachelor’s degree in computer (type of analyst you want to be, android, cloud, java, etc.) According to govt. Of India the hourly wages for the job is Rs. 200/hr. So if you work for 8 hrs per day, 26 days in a month, that will be 40,000+ (and that’s by government).

  1. Ethical Hacker- What parents know about hacking is that it’s completely illegal and bad and their children will land in the special government facility called ‘sasural’ (jail). But dear parent, except the govt. part everything else is false, and I mean sasural as well. It’s a special and rapidly rising field right now, because our social media population is increasing even more rapidly than our actual population (because of fake accounts). Govt. therefore needs someone to secure them, there you go.Yes, it is a govt job as well. ‘Oh’, ‘I said, as well’. Yep, private sector has their separate demand, why? To secure company firewalls, software and hacking.

Average pay scale is around Rs. 3.5 lacs per year in the initial phase in GOVERNMENT SECTOR.

  1. Animator- If you think that animation is all about ‘oggy and the cockroaches’ or ‘chota bheem’, sorry, you’re wrong. Dear sir/madam, your daily soaps and sports matches also use animation, even your mobile applications, and other digital media, news channels, and of course, cartoons.

One can even be a freelance animator. It’s a fun job and the young generation (referring to the human being in your house who is attached to that mobile/laptop/Xbox/PlayStation) love it. Courses are available in India and the pay scale is quite high and after some experience, it is really high. First year pay is approximately Rs. 2.7 lacs annually. But after the first five years, it can jump upto or over Rs. 10 lacs annually. Also, animation giants like Disney, DreamWorks, Sony, etc are making their way to India.

  1. Game Development – Well, the giants are coming here as well. Many companies are holding back only because there are not enough game developers in India. However, one don’t need a company to earn a living in this field if you know your work. You can become a freelancer and sell your work or develop games for Android platforms and enjoy your life. All you need is a creative idea and programming skills.
  1. Marketing – Marketing is a budding field. There are private firms completely devoted to marketing which usually work on contracts. Also, MNC’s hire marketing staff. The work is creative and amazing, you have to think what others think, It’s just like hacking, but hacking brains on a very large scale. You can get a bachelor’s degree or MBA degree in Marketing.

Starting packages are from Rs. 6.8 lacs per annum. Again it increases with your experience or quality of work. If you work in an MNC, the pay scale can be double of this.

  1. Yoga Trainer– After the successful launch of International Day of Yoga by the Indian Government in 2014 on June 21, yoga just got a big boost. Demand for yoga trainers has increased rapidly all over the globe. We can say, this profession is really a healthy one. You can be a teacher or trainer with a pay ranging between 15,000 to 50,000 INR per month initially. Now, if you are doing the same job abroad, your income will be mind boggling, the average goes up to $70,000 per year.
  1. Entrepreneur – We don’t like the idea of being employed, do we? Someone has to be employer. So here comes the most fascinating and risky job of all! You got an idea, turn it into a business. It is the highest paying field and we all know it. It’s not easy, no one ever said it’s going to be, but it’s worth it. All the hard work you put in here will PAY you, many a folds, if you succeed. Plus give the joy of calling something your own.

Currently the Indian government has started many schemes for new businesses and there is a highly potential future ahead. One can use those schemes for their new business. As in the budget also, govt. mentioned that there will be no tax on profit of start ups for the next three years.

  1. Investor – What to do if you already have the money from your family? Become an investor, as many youngsters are trying to and will try to be an entrepreneur, you can invest in them. Also a lot of fields are there which needs investment. For instance start ups, research & development, etc.
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129 New,Career,Career OptionsIt's the decade where we are flooded with opportunities, you just need to search it. People either know about the current mainstream professions only or government ones. But there are a plenty of other job options as well. Relax, we won't discuss them. They're boring and we know it.'s...Making Admissions Simpler