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Every parent wants their child’s admission in a nursery of a good school.

So, how does one shortlist a decent school in an city exceedingly jam-packed with schools and every one of them claiming to possess an even bigger brand, better sports facilities and an unblemished academic record aka variety of former students who managed 98% or a lot of in board exams.

While having no knowledge about the other criteria, which are necessary for the overall development of the child, extra-curricular, team building, self-reliance etc.

The only thing you can very rely upon is the assurance of your neighbour/friend/colleague whose sister’s daughter’s friend studies within the said school and simply loves it. Not that, as a parent, you’re in any situation to choose. Nursery admission is a very un-predictable process. Here the location of your residence and some other criteria like your level of education etc. decide where your kid can spend the 14 vital years of his or her life.

School admissions are in all probability the foremost nerve-racking, painful and time-consuming exercise that you’ll participate in your entire lifetime and the worst part is that there’s nothing that can prepare you for it (but we will surely make it easier and be with you every step of the way). With no unified admission criteria, process or dates Parents brood in a state of suspended animation from the day of release of form till the first day of school that’s on condition that the kid gets an acceptable admission within the same year.


Step 1 Shortlisting the schools


The process begins with making a listing of all the probable schools you want to apply to. So switch on your computer and start researching. You can visit where we suggest schools in your neighborhood, provide you with their ratings (based on past board results and facilities) and even detailed information on teachers which you never knew you could find. As a bonus, we also list the admission criteria for last year, so they may give an indication of what is to come this year.

The admission criteria vary from school to school – therefore hedging your bets will definitely help. It is well advised to apply to some safe schools along with the ambitious ones, as its hard to predict what will happen and you don’t want to waste a year of your child’s life. Then prepare a list of when their forms initiate, by when they should be submitted and when they’ll announce their results. You can download our excel tracker here (This will keep you so organized).

And here’s a thought: last year, the Schools were asked to upload their admission criteria on-line by the Delhi government’s department of education by December 20. We at, will make these criteria available to you in one place as soon as they are available, so study and estimate your chances of getting selected in the schools of your choice.




Step 2: Admission Forms

The forms come out, and the time for running around begins. Your next step is to go to the School and collect the forms as a result of in this era of the web, many Schools still wish to try to do business the quaint approach, and only sell forms in person. For the few who have on-line forms, you’d wish to travel and collect their prospectus. There are however a very small percentage who would be happy to simply accept the forms on-line – praise the lord for it.

Filling the forms isn’t simple, as some Schools wish to understand why you would like to admit your kid to their school. Others need to understand a lot of about you and your understanding of the word ‘education’. Your answers can build or break the possibility of your child’s admission, so that definitely puts you in a stressful situation.


Step 3: the Interview

Now is that the time to convey some honest answers: what’s the distance between your house and school? what’s your income? what’s your spouse’s income? Did you play sports in school? does one do social work? does one eat meat? Are you environment-conscious? how can you contribute to the school? what proportion time do you spend paying with your kid? If you’re employed, where will your kid go throughout the day? Do your parents live with you?

When you are finished the Spanish interrogation, get a million copies of each certificate referring to your kid and your residence; and get them duly attested a gazetted officer. probably build friends with a gazetted officer before hand as a result of he/she can need to really like you to sign and stamp numerous of them.


Step 4: Wait n Watch

This done, all you can do is trudge back to your house, and begin praying because from this moment on, your child’s admission are going to be set by a draw of heaps.

Remember the stressful half we tend to mentioned earlier, this often comes into play traveling from one School to a different, initial hoping your kid can make it to the school of your selection. And if you do a good job of hedging, even with luck not by your side, your child should get into at-least 1 School among those you found acceptable.

Now in the end, I promise you that I will work tirelessly to provide you the latest of admission information. Comment down below, if you have any questions and we will respond promptly.


Author: Pankhuri Agarwal and Kazi Ali

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129 SchoolersEvery parent wants their child's admission in a nursery of a good school. So, how does one shortlist a decent school in an city exceedingly jam-packed with schools and every one of them claiming to possess an even bigger brand, better sports facilities and an unblemished academic record aka variety...Making Admissions Simpler