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Every parent has a dream that their child would grow up to be an honorable and good citizens of the country. Education plays a very important role in this and selecting the right one can be quite a tedious task. With so many options it can be quite confusing for the parents. There are International Boards like IGCSE or IB and Indian ones like ICSE or CBSE syllabus schools. Let’s see what makes each one of them different from the other.

Child studying for Boards


CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education. CBSE schools are present all over India and also in many foreign countries also. There are a total of 14808 schools affiliated to CBSE. It is approved by the central government. It follows universal pattern and hence preferred by parents who move or shift often.

It conducts All India Senior School Secondary Examinations for class 10 and 12. CBSE board is recognized by all colleges and universities in India and also other countries like Malaysia, Dubai etc. CBSE follows a continuous and compressive evaluation which deals with grades rather than marks. Since most of the schools follow CBSE syllabus there is very less chance of error in content. The quality of content is good.

It pays equal attention to science, math and extracurricular activities. It however does not nurture arts and literature.


CISCE stands for Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. ICSE and ISC come under CISCE. The amount of school affiliated to this is lesser. It is followed by 1200 schools in India as well as a few foreign countries like UAE, Singapore and Malaysia. It conducts three examinations, one for class 10 and two for class 12.

It curriculum is wide and has great scope covering a lot of topics. It helps in the overall development of the student. ICSE syllabus also broadens the horizon for the child.

It gives equal focus on science, math, literature and art. However students can find it quite cumbersome. It is difficult for them to shift from this syllabus to 11th and 12th pre-university collages. Along with this the fees can also be higher comparatively.

For both ICSE and CBSE syllabus it is easy to find tutors and books in India. These two boards are more widely recognized in India.

Schooling equals Learning

IB stands for International Baccalaureate. It is an international educational foundation. It has its headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Its educational pattern differs according to the class of the student. It has primary year program for kinder garden to class 5. It has middle year program for class 6 to class 10. It has diploma program for class 11 and class 12. Its syllabus is based on experiment and application. IB syllabus is followed all around the world by over 4000 schools. Around 130 schools in India and the rest in countries like USA, Australia etc.

It is a great option for parents who are NRI’s or planning to move abroad. All the universities recognize the IB syllabus. They might not consider CBSE and ICSE syllabus for applicants but consider IB syllabus students. It is recognized by UNESCO and the schools have been known to have excellent infrastructure.

However, this board, is not broadly used in India and has higher fees. It may be a problem to shift to other syllabus in case the need arises.

Board Exam Time

IGCSE stands for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is internationally used English language curriculum. IGCSE also has three different patterns based on the age. Cambridge primary is for learners of age 5 to 11. Cambridge Secondary 1 is for ages 12 to 13. Cambridge Secondary 2 is for ages 14 to 16. Cambridge Advanced is for ages 16 to 19 who want to go to college or various universities. IGCSE is followed by schools all around the world in USA, UK etc. It is also followed by 200 schools in India.

This syllabus is also useful for NRI’s and parents who are planning to move abroad. It is recognized by all the universities around the world. It has higher fees as it has an advanced curriculum and wide options to choose from.

For IB and IGCSE it is difficult to find books and tutors. It is more suitable if parents have a plan of moving abroad as it is not widely recognized in India.

I hope this has helped you to make the right choice for your children for their bright future and careers.


Author: Niketha Mohan

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129 AgeBoards,CBSE,IB,ICSE,IGCSE,International BoardsEvery parent has a dream that their child would grow up to be an honorable and good citizens of the country. Education plays a very important role in this and selecting the right one can be quite a tedious task. With so many options it can be quite confusing...Making Admissions Simpler